Mums Exercise Group Australia (MEGA) is an inclusive community of mothers. We provide practical tools, events and classes to help mums get the social, physical and emotional support they need. More than just physical fitness, we offer realistic healthy-living advice, and a friendly village which is 100% judgement-free. 

You’ve heard it before, being a mum is one of the best jobs in the world but also one of the toughest. We give mums the support they need to be healthy and happy. 

Our MEGA mums enjoy a huge range of benefits through their low-cost membership, including: 

  • Affordable exercise options for mums of all ages, backgrounds and abilities 
  • Exclusive health and fitness deals 
  • Inspiring blog articles and realistic health-hacks 
  • Events designed to enrich your life: think pampering evenings and meditation retreats 
  • A modern ‘village’ of supportive mums locally and around Australia
  • Volunteer opportunities and training to be part of our amazing team
  • A welcoming community where you can make friends and feel connected
  • Healthy lifestyle tips, recipes and giveaways  

We don’t believe in any one perfect shape or size, but we do support mothers in achieving their own health and wellbeing goals.
Are you a busy mum? 
Do you struggle with overwhelm?
Is ‘getting fit and healthy’ just one more thing to feel guilty about on your to-do list?
Rather than shelling out big bucks on a pricey gym membership, you can join MEGA for just a few dollars a month.

Instead of checking your kids into the gym-creche, they can be part of your workout. You’ll be modelling healthy living to your children in a very real way. 

Maybe you’ll get a great workout done, or maybe you’ll spend 80% of the session wrangling toddlers. Either way, you’re out of the house, meeting new friends and getting a fitness fix. 

Motherhood can be a time of isolation, but we don’t have to do it alone.

More than just exercise, MEGA is about connecting with other mothers in your area, and finding your village.