When our founder Jennelle McAppion had triplets in 2014, her life changed beyond recognition. 
“I was suddenly responsible for three tiny humans, and discovered that with new motherhood came isolation and self-doubt. I quickly realised to keep my sanity I needed exercise, new friends and fresh air.” 

Inspired to get active and out of the house, Jennelle started a walking group to meet other mums and stay motivated. 

What started as a casual walking meet-up became the Canberra Mums Walking Group, and when other mums started suggesting meeting for boot-camp and aqua fitness sessions, the group evolved to become Canberra Mums Exercise Group. 

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers, we grew the group and the number of classes on offer. We also introduced new health and fitness challenges, to inspire our members to thrive.”

In 2016 the Canberra group had 5,000 members and was running 30 exercise sessions per week, ranging from yoga and pilates to boxing and mountain hikes. It was time to expand even further. 

“Mums from around the country were reaching out to us, asking for advice on how they could replicate our model in their own communities. It became clear there was a national need for affordable, supportive, kid-friendly exercise groups for mums.”
From humble beginnings we’ve grown into Mums Exercise Group Australia, a movement with more than 36,000 members and 30 branches across the country. New branches and members are joining all the time. 

“As with any great success story there have been stumbles and failures along the way,” says Jennelle.

“But we’ve adapted and grown to suit the passions of our members, and to stay true to our original purpose: creating a positive environment where mothers can connect and thrive through exercise. We want every mum to have access to MEGA, which is why we reinvest every cent of our low-cost membership options into making MEGA better for all.”