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Ready to welcome a positive change into your daily mum-life? 

Our membership model is affordable and easy. We invest your dollars into real benefits for all our MEGA mums - from venue hire and training for our amazing volunteers, to giveaways and services which make our MEGA community even more inspiring. 

We believe every mum should have the tools to live a healthy life.

We’re committed to offering MEGA at an accessible price point and continuing to open more branches around Australia. 

Joining MEGA is taking the first step in a positive direction for your life.

You’ll be part of a supportive community of mums focused on health and happiness. 

For the cost of a cup of coffee each month, you'll get access to:

Low-cost exercise classes which are tailored to the needs of mums.
Discounted MEGA merchandise so you can look and feel great while training (or just popping to the shops).
Exclusive offers and discounts from our amazing partners.
Our MEGA Monthly email, delivering useful tips, inspiring reads and special deals direct to your inbox.
A virtual and real-life village of supportive mums who love and live our MEGA values. 
Events to enrich and empower our MEGA mums. Get ready to thrive.