Mums Exercise Group Australia is a social enterprise empowering mothers and helping them to improve their social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The MEGA Online Community is a national closed group for all individual MEGA branches to come together and share their health and fitness journeys together. It is a space to chat, share information, conversation and participate in online challenges and events.

As mothers we often feel we need to prioritise everything else before our own health, finding little time to invest back in ourselves. In addition, many women navigate motherhood in isolation, having little family or community support.

MEGA aims to ensure that no mother is isolated from the community and that every woman is empowered to look after their health and wellbeing. Through very low-cost fitness and wellbeing training options, and sponsored memberships for women facing hardship, MEGA aims to give every mother in Australia access to fitness and wellbeing classes that will improve their health and provide the resilience and support they need to thrive in life.

MEGA is a community free from judgement or negativity; we believe a supportive community can help every woman feel good about themselves.

MEGA is committed to reducing the isolation experienced by mothers across Australia and holds a particular interest in supporting mothers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and mothers who are experiencing domestic violence. Our mission is to reach out to all mothers and help connect them to our supportive and empowering community, MEGA is more than just a mother's exercise group, we believe in the importance of emotional well being and have invested in delivering events focussed on mental health and mindfulness.

We are stronger together, and together we can improve the lives of the mothers of Australia through inclusion, health and wellbeing.


Please contact the branch manager for local enquiries and the director
 team for national or advertising enquiries